BMW has adapted well to the current age of new model leaks and sneaky cellphone pics of prototypes caught testing. The German firm has created its own lead-up campaigns, first with the M850i xDrive and now with the all-new BMW X5.

The latest generation X5 is due to make its worldwide debut later this year, most likely at the Paris Auto Show, as confirmed by BMW CEO Harald Krüger a week ago.

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Evolutionary looks

Despite the camouflage, we can get a good idea of the new model’s appearance. The overall appearance seems to be evolutionary, with hints of the upcoming, larger, X7 around the headlamps and kidney-grille treatment.

Testing across the globe

The all-new BMW X5 has been tested from the top of the world to the bottom of Africa. BMW states that its latest SAV (for Sports Activity Vehicle) has been thoroughly tested in all climates and all forms of terrain.

According to BWM: The prototypes of the new BMW X5 must not only stand the test in all the world’s climate zones, but also master every kind of terrain. Here the completely new suspension technology must prove its qualities.

A step up for generation four

The fourth generation X5 faces much competition than did any of its predecessors. To stay ahead of the game BMW has introduced new suspension and chassis systems, which BMW claims are virtually unique amongst any of its rivals.

To offer the full spectrum of talents required by an SUV BMW has introduced a new offroad package on the upcoming X5. Drivers can alter the vehicle setup at the press of a button to tackle snow, sand, rocks or gravel roads.

Proven in the real world

BMW has taken development of the new X5 quite seriously with prototypes doing duty in the winter test centre in Arjeplog, Sweden, on South African gravel tracks and in desert dunes of the USA.

Besides these arduous tests the X5 had to prove its worth dynamically as well. Tests were carried out at BMW Group’s testing grounds in Miramas in the South of France, on the high-speed Talladega circuit in Alabama and on the Nürburgring.

You can watch just some of the BMW X5’s testing in the video below, see if you can spot the South African bits: