Safety is a factor we should all consider before buying a new car, and if you happened to get your hands on a new ride in 2014 you can now check if it made the cut as one of the safest cars of the year. The European NCAP have recently announced their annual tally of the year’s safest cars which have been organised into five categories. In the small family car category, the Nissan Qashqai took home the top honours. The VW Golf Sportsvan proved safest in the MPV class of cars, with the Land Rover Discovery Sport proving the safest small off-roader for 2014. One of 2014’s all-round most popular cars is also one of the safest, the Mercedes C-Class clenched the prize in the small family car category. And the top scoring car of 2014, the only vehicle to come away with a five star rating, is the Skoda Fabia in the supermini section.