It should be pretty straight forward: you must have Motor Car Insurance in order to drive on SA roads. It’s a legal obligation. The fact is, motor vehicle insurance protects your vehicle, and you against liability in the unfortunate event of an accident.
There are plenty of insurance providers, and finding them certainly isn’t a problem. Television is inundated with adverts and the internet will direct you to providers’ websites as soon as you type in the words “insurance providers”. Deciding which cover suits your needs is important, as there are varying levels of cover.
Third party cover is the legal minimum requirement, providing cover for everyone and everything involved in the accident, except you. It extends to your car and possessions not being covered too. However, you can rest well knowing your passengers are protected, and you will be covered against claims if it is deemed the accident is your fault. Other cars damaged as a result of a trailer or caravan attached to your vehicle are also protected, although it does not cover the damaged caravan or trailer.
Third Party cover is great for anyone looking to tighten the budget strings by reducing the cost of their insurance, or, to cover low-value vehicles. However, it’s important to note if your car is damaged or stolen, you will not be able to claim.
In the event of your vehicle being stolen or damaged by fire, third party fire and theft covers such eventualities. It provides a fair level of cover from damage that you, or your passengers may have caused to other vehicles, property or people. It does not cover injury to you, or your vehicle except if it’s stolen or damaged by fire. It also covers people and property damaged by a caravan or trailer attached to your car, but does not cover damage to the trailer or caravan.
Third party fire and theft cover strikes a really good balance between cost and cover, ensuring your legal obligation to insure your car is met whilst protecting it against damage due to fire and theft. It is important to note that any injury sustained to you or damage to your vehicle not caused by fire or theft won’t be covered. Also, possessions in the vehicle at the time of theft or fire will not be covered. Radios may be covered by some policies as this is the main reason vehicles are broken into.
Fully comprehensive cover is the most expensive type of vehicle insurance available, covering damage or injury that you, or your passengers may cause to property or people involved in an accident. Unlike third party or third party fire and theft cover, this policy will cover injury to you and damage to your vehicle. Damage caused by the attached trailer or caravan to your car will be covered although the damaged trailer and caravan won’t.
Fully comprehensive cover may be the costliest cover available, but it does protect your car, saving you thousands of Pounds on repairs and, more importantly, compensating you should your car be written off. If a vehicle is damaged in such a way that the cost of repairs are equal to a replacement or more, it is not worth fixing up and would be advisable to buy a replacement instead.
As much as it may seem a pain in the behind, car insurance has become a necessary evil. These days, being a careful driver is not sufficient to ensure the safety of your vehicle and it’s contents, so choose your cover carefully. And remember, if you’re involved in an accident that’s not your fault, you may be able to claim from the other person’s insurance.