Modified Car Insurance

Modified cars are classed as any car that has been adjusted or modified in any way so that it differs from the standard production line model. These modifications include new or upgraded parts such as performance parts, or modifications for aesthetic reasons such as body kits. The inclusion of these non-standard parts usually pushes up the value of the vehicles. Their higher value means that modified cars are more expensive to insure than standard vehicles, meaning your monthly premiums will be higher. Rather than ensuring the entire modified car, you may choose to insure only the more expensive parts of the car. This could help you save on insurance premiums.
As many modified cars are used for racing or other high-risk activities, your liability rating will likely be higher than those driving a standard car. In order to lower your liability rating, ensure that your modified car is fitted with proper safety features such air bags, and a high-performance braking system. Discuss all details of the insurance policy with your provider, you may find that certain insurance companies offer more incentives for modified cars than others.