Mercedes-Benz have unveiled the G-Code concept car at the their new R&D headquarters in China. A Sports Utility Coupe, the G-Code is set to be the future car for the younger Beijing generation who want to get around in an already badly congested city. Everything about the G-Code just screams Next-Gen, from it’s illuminating light beneath the Mercedes star, which pulsates when you switch between driving modes, to the revolutionary voltaic paint which functions as a solar panel, absorbing sunlight to power the vehicles electric powertrain.



Inside the car you’ll find seating for four people in bucket seats complete with heating, cooling and massage functionality. There’s also an infotainment dock which controls all the cars various functions. The G-Code is being hailed as the future of eco-friendly cars, apart from it’s solar panel emulating technology, it also has a on-board hydrogen cell which synthesises oxygen to produce clean, fresh air while driving.