Any person that owns a car can agree that car insurance is a must. Fortunately as a South African you are spoilt for choice with the vast amount of insurance companies that are available each one basically falling over the next to provide you with the best quote. It is a widely known fact that there is an insurance policy available to suit the needs of every individual.
In this article you will learn how to apply for car insurance.
1. There are several different ways to initially locate an insurance company. You could use the internet, yellow pages and newspaper advertisements.
2. Locate the VIN number (vehicle identification number) along with the other important information regarding your vehicle.
3. If you wish to apply for car insurance telephonically you may contact several car insurance companies and request a detailed quote from each of them. Supplying each of the insurance agents with the year and make of your vehicle and in addition the agent will ask you a few key questions.
4. Always compare quotes. It is the best ways to ensure you receive the best possible car insurance quote.
5. Another option when applying for comprehensive car insurance is the internet. If you haven’t already settled on a certain insurance company you could do a key word search via your search engine.
6. Once you have chosen an insurance provider log onto the insurance company’s website and enter your personal information into the fields provided complete your application and click the submit button.
7. You may be required to sign some documents electronically. The documents that you may be asked to sign include policy documents and waiver documents, so as always read all documents thoroughly before signing.
8. Within 48 hours you will receive a car insurance application confirmation from the insurance company via email. You may then review the policy and decide whether or not it is suited for you.
9. Should you decide to accept the policy all you need to do is follow the instructions that are supplied with the application confirmation that you received via your email.
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