If you are over sixty then you may start to notice that your car insurance premiums are increasing, this is because you are once again moving into a high risk zone. (Similar to one you were categorised in when you were in your mid-twenties.)

But don’t panic it is nothing personal, in actual fact it has nothing to do with your driving ability or your age. The premium increase is generally based on statistics and averages as is everything associated with insurance. Even though you are getting older there are still ways you can get a discount on your car insurance policy!

The primary concern amongst insurance companies is that as we get older our reactions aren’t as sharp as they use to be hence the increase in premiums. However if you can prove that your driving record is untainted and your driving skills are still as sharp as they use to be, you may find be rewarded with a discount on your monthly premiums.

It is possible to use your age to your advantage.

There are several insurance companies that actually provide premium discounts for senior citizens. If you are not too keen on changing insurance providers, you could always ask for a senior citizens discount from your current insurance provider!

If you want to keep you premiums to a minimum you may want to take a closer look at the type of car you drive. Flashy sports cars will on increase your premiums. If you drive less it may be a good idea to mention it to your insurance broker, the less time you spend on the road the lower your risk profile. When you know what to look out for and which questions to ask getting older can be a blessing!