Car insurance can be very expensive and for this reason, many motorists prefer to use their vehicles even though they are uninsured. This can have a very devastating and expensive outcome should an accident occur and the cost to repair damages or possibly replace the vehicle is unrealistically high. People are encouraged to shop around for cheap car insurance rather than not have insurance cover at all. Consumers must also educate themselves on the general practices of insurance companies and familiarize themselves with acceptable behavior.
The good news is that competition amongst the different insurers is rife and it is becoming increasingly easier to find affordable insurance cover. Clients must take their time when shopping around for insurance and must not be pressured into getting into any contract with any insurer until they are satisfied that the policy meets their needs and that the premium is within their reach. Eager sales people can manipulate clients into taking out expensive yet inadequate insurance cover.
In general, a bad driving history and an over-active claims history are the biggest factors that negatively affect a client’s profile and increase monthly car insurance premiums. Motorists are advised to adhere to the rules of the road and avoid conviction in criminal courts as some traffic offences are treated as criminal offences depending on their severity. A low excess can also result in a high premium. Clients may consider a slightly higher excess to reduce their premium. However, if a client selects to do this, they must be willing to exercise extreme caution and be vigorous in the prevention of claims. Clients that have a poor credit score may also be charged a slightly higher premium than those that are vigilant when it comes to paying their accounts.
As with anything else, another good way to get cheap car insurance premiums is to negotiate, discuss with the consultant how much is affordable and design an insurance policy that offers as many benefits for that amount. Many insurers will extend a higher discount to clients with a low-risk profile and these discounts are available on request.
There are various things that we can do to save on our insurance policies – regardless of whether you are looking for ways to save on your life insurance policy or other types of insurance, such as car insurance. There is always something that we as consumers can do to make ourselves more attractive to insurance companies.
It is not always difficult for us to achieve this, what with accidents and theft not always being completely in our control. Here are a few things that you can do to make your car insurance policy cheaper:
Keep accidents to a bare minimum: This sounds like a no brainer, but it is worth mentioning again. You might think why do I mention this? Nobody in their right minds would want to have an accident and everyone will work hard to keep accidents to a bare minimum. But everyone also knows being accident free for three years (other companies even wants a five years no claims record) will help you to keep your insurance policy lower.
No violations: I’m talking about traffic violations here. Speeding, driving with un-roadworthy vehicles and other infractions can add to your insurance’s premium.
Experience: It is just one of the facts of life that younger drivers will pay more. It is unfortunately the way it is. Insurance companies see younger drivers as less experienced, and thus a higher risk to insurance. With experience come a lot of benefits, including lower car insurance premiums.
The actual car : Many people don’t even think about the eventual insurance premium that comes with buying a car. When you do, you will find that it perhaps influences your purchasing decision. If the car is very expensive or has a high theft ratio this could all factor into the eventual insurance premium that you will need to fork out for each month.
These are of course only some of the things that you need to keep in mind when looking for ways on how to reduce your car insurance premiums. Don’t skimp on your insurance, though, as it is a vitally important investment that every road user should make.
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