A few years ago, getting car insurance quotes caused quite a run-around for prospective car owners.  Getting a car insurance policy meant going to a broker and paying him to get different car insurance quotes that he (the broker) would then compare to one another.  After comparing them, he would phone his client and go through the pros and cons with him/her, after which they would decide together which policy the client should go with.
As you can imagine, this was very time consuming and it often happened that the client just signed the contract for car insurance when new and cheaper insurance was introduced to the market.  Then the whole process would start all over again. Nowadays it is very easy to get your hands on insurance quotes.  Going online and searching for insurance quotes in Google is guaranteed to get you multiple quotes from multiple insurance companies in no time.
There are a few basic steps to getting online insurance quotes.  To start off, you need to know exactly what type of car insurance you’re looking for.  Then you should Google the companies that specialise in that type of car insurance.  On these companies’ websites you will be able to order online quotations.  After you receive them you can print them out and start comparing the different benefits the companies have to offer.
The most important thing you need to have a look at when getting online quotes, is that you are getting relevant quotes (relevant to your needs) and that you are getting quotes that will be valid for a month or so. This will give you enough time to compare different quotes and make a smart decision regarding car insurance.
You also need to have a look at which companies are offering discounts to clients who make use of their online quotation systems. This means that you could save a substantial amount on your monthly insurance premium.  Always make sure that the online company you’re getting the quote from is legitimate.  Phone their call centre and make sure that everything is in order before accepting any online quote or signing any contracts.