Getting a car insurance quote by phone
Getting a car insurance quote is by far one of the worst things to get now a days. I can think of a million things to do with my time instead off sitting in a phone and listening to the adviser on the other side reading from a script. Lets think of it. What makes it worst is if you are really serious in getting a cheaper premium for your car, you would have to phone more than one insurance company, jip not just ones but multiple dreaded phone calls and time sitting explaining how many km you work from home and how secure your home and vehicle will be when its parked.
What you could get paid for a car insurance quote?
Yes that’s right, getting a quote for your vehicle just got a whole lot brighter. Some insurance companies like the TV commercial that I have posted at the bottom, from an insurance company from South Africa called OUTsurance. Yes you can now jump on your phone, get them on the line and get this, get paid for doing something that you mostlikly would have done and at the end get money for doing that. Ok wait I might have phrased that wrong, don;t want you all to come and hate on our site because of a misunderstanding. So how it works precisely is, you phone in for a car insurance quote, then OUTsurance will quote you on your vehicle and if the cant beat your current car insurance premium on a like for like bases, then they will pay you R400 cash. If they can beat your current car insurance premium then you will make more than R400 over the coming months with all the cash that you would be saving! It’s a win-win situation.
If my explanation didn’t make sense or you are a bit confused take a look at the ad and see for your self.
If you are looking for a new and fresh car insurance company take a look at Youi car insurance company underwritten by OUTsurance.