In South Africa, it is vital that you have car insurance. This is a human truth that many South Africans know, since accidents and thefts are so prevalent. However, many people view insurance as a grudge purchase and complain at the high prices that insurance companies charge. So how do you keep the price of insurance down, especially if you have not claimed before?
Well one way is to ensure that are getting the correct coverage. Many companies will not take into account your unique profile and instead will charge you a standard rate. This is unfair as you should not be paying the same rate as someone who has had multiple accidents. If you drive only five kilometres to get to work and someone else drives 50, this should also be taken into account.
It is also vital that you look for a company that is open about all of their fees. Too many people have had to claim and only then realised that there are costs hidden within their contracts. Be sure that your insurer is open about any costs you may have to pay, even if these seem high, so that you are better equipped to make a decision.
You will find that many companies offer online tracking of your car and the premiums that you have. Some will allow you to log in to their site to find out when you have claimed and what you have been paying. This is good because it shows a measure of transparency when it comes to your insurer.

The most important factor affecting which insurer you should choose is a company that is willing to communicate with you. if you find that your insurer won’t return your calls or you cannot get through the call centre, this may be an indication that they are hiding something, like costs. Choose an insurer that will use various forms of communication, from the conventional email and phone to social media. Many insurers like to interact on social media platforms because it is good for their reputation, while others don’t communicate at all.