Finding car insurance in South Africa is not just about finding the first policy that has the best premium rate. There are quite a few factors to consider over and above finding affordable monthly payments. Although you may be thinking it will never happen to me, the fact is that you don’t know that. Should you be involved in an accident or have your car stolen facing the consequences without the right car insurance in place can be a harrowing thought – especially for your bank balance!
If this is your first time taking out a car insurance policy, and even if it isn’t, it helps to speak with family and friends and find out what kind of policy they have taken out for their car. There is so much on the market in South Africa it’s hard to know which company offers the best deal. Ask your friends and family these types of questions; why did they choose the policy that they did, how extensively did they search, are they happy with their premium rate, what benefits do they get alongside their policy, how much excess do they have to pay, have they claimed before and if so what was the customer service like? Answers to these types of questions will help you to narrow down your list in terms of car insurance in South Africa and which companies are worth looking out for.
Finding the right insurance also means you understand what insurers look for when determining your insurance quote. The type of car you drive – its engine size, make and model, where you park at night and during the day, keeping a clean driving license, completing an advanced driving course – especially as a new driver, reducing your yearly mileage output and increasing your excess are things to watch out for when looking to find cheaper premium rates for the level of cover you want.
Car insurance in South Africa is aplenty. The market has grown to such an extent that most insurers allow you to customize your policy to suit you needs. For example, you can choose breakdown and collision cover as a cheaper alternative to comprehensive car insurance while still receiving damage cover for your own car in the event you are in an accident. Look around and get a good feel for what is out there before making your decision.