Electric Car Insurance

Electric cars have become increasing popular as more and more people have opted for a more environmentally friendly mode of transport. Environmental benefits aside, you can also save money on fuel. If you plan on using your electric car on public roads in the UK, you will need to have it insured.
Although electric car insurance is a specialised form of cover, it does not mean that it will cost more than standard car insurance. These types of cars are often more compact, and not as powerful as their petrol and diesel counterparts, depending on the model you choose. It is therefore seen as having a lower risk profile due to the safety features. There are many other benefits to owning a car of the future since electric cars are tax free purchases, and do not pay the London congestion charge either.
Leasing the battery of your electric car from the manufacturer will also bring down your premium, but be sure to inform one of our consultants of this when you contact us for a quote.