There are many different types of insurance available to motorists. The insurance premiums are determined by a variety of factors. The driver’s history and competence will affect their risk profile. There are also environmental and circumstantial factors that are taken into consideration. In areas where the high crime rate is high, the car will need to be insured against theft or hijacking. In costal areas, the car will need to be well maintained to prevent rust and corrosion. When getting car insurance, these are factors that both the driver and the insurer need to consider.
In South Africa especially, this is important as it will determine what type of insurance you get and what that insurance will cost you. Comprehensive insurance that covers you for all eventualities is obviously recommended but is not always practical. Sometimes, getting just accident insurance is prudent and this is really the most common type. Because people sometimes lose concentration when they drive or they drive recklessly, your car could get damaged by someone else, or you may do damage to someone else’s car.
In this case, you need to have insurance as the costs of repair may be very high. In an area where crime is a very real problem, getting insurance for theft and hijacking is recommended. While this may not stop thieves from targeting you, it can at least help you pay for damages or a new car. When taking out insurance, ensure that you consider all of the eventualities that could occur and how they would affect you. This will help you make a more informed and better decision.