Daimler Trucks have become the first company in North America to be granted a license to run a completely autonomous vehicle on public roads. In an occasion that marks just how far autonomous driving technology has come, the Daimler Freightliner Inspiration will be traversing the Highway 15 to Las Vegas, Nevada. Built using the current Daimler Cascadia as an inspiration, the self-driving Inspiration makes use of radar and long and short distance sensor technology which is able to detect obstacles over a 820 foot distance at an 18-degree angle.



Currently only two Inspiration trucks will be made use of, but Daimler hopes that mass production of their autonomous trucks will be on the cards by 2025. According to Daimler, some of the advantages associated with autonomous trucking include lower maintenance costs and fewer carbon emissions with improved fuel economy, and less traffic on roads. While many people are still apprehensive about autonomous vehicles, the technology seems to be improving constantly, and looks as though it very well may be a part of general motoring life in the near future.