Car insurance can seem like a very expensive item to have on your monthly expenses list. There are in fact many people who foolishly decide to ditch their car insurance coverage altogether because they believe that their driving is good enough or safe enough to not have to justify car insurance.
The problem with this is that you leave yourself completely exposed in the event of an accident because, no matter how safe you think you are or no matter how good a driver you might be, there is still a chance that someone else is not such a good driver and crashes into you. Also, car insurance is a lot more complicated than just a monthly payment in case you have an accident.
The basics of car insurance that most people understand are that car insurance is there in case your car gets stolen, vandalised or in an accident. This is all true but there is also more to it than just that. Car insurance is also about personal liability and in fact, most car insurance packages contain quite a big portion dedicated to personal liability issues and coverage.
If there is a n accident or an incident involving your vehicle and it is determined that it was your fault, what do you do? This is where personal liability comes into the picture. Personal liability protects you in the event that someone other than you is uninjured in a collision or someone’s property wall is damaged as a result of your actions and so on.
If you do not have personal liability insurance then you will have to pay for the property damages or the hospital bills out of your own pocket. This can prove to be extremely expensive which is why people who have car insurance love their personal liability coverage.
Car insurance is like a good rain coat. You never really wear it and you never really think about it, until it rains and you suddenly really need it. If you do not have a good rain coat or your rain coat is full of holes then you are bound to get very wet indeed.