Company Car Insurance

When working in a high-stress business environment, the peace-of-mind offered by insurance can’t be overstated. Often, large corporations make use of entire fleets of company cars, given to their employees for either personal or corporate use. When dealing with a high volume of cars, incidents of theft or damage unfortunately become unavoidable. Business owners often struggle to monitor how their company cars are used, this is were a reliable and comprehensive insurance policy provides business owners with the freedom needed to concentrate on the operations of the business itself.
Many insurance providers offer incentives when insuring more than a single vehicle, so make sure you cover all your company cars under a single policy, with a single provider. Certain elements can also help lower the cost of your premiums. Making sure all of your company cars are kept safely and securely locked in a parking garage, making sure that each car is fitted with an alarm, and that they are all kept in good condition are all factors which help lower your insurance premiums.
Comprehensive Insurance is the optimal policy when insuring company cars. With this policy, you can be sure every eventuality has been accounted for, freeing you from having to monitor the behaviour of your workers when operating the company cars.