There are many specific types of car insurance out there to choose from.  Most of them can be chosen to suit your specific wants and needs and according to how much you drive, what type of risk factor you are etc. One of the options that many people choose when it comes to car insurance, is collision coverage.  This type of insurance will cover you in the event of a collision just as the name implies.  Most collision types are covered by this policy.  Whether it is a collision with another car, or whether you drive your car into a building by accident or even if you graze the railings on the highway while driving.
When you decide to take out this type of insurance, make sure that you specify in the policy all the types of collisions that you are to be covered for.  It will not be good to be involved in a collision with a foreign object just to find that you cannot claim for it from your car insurance policy.  You will also in most cases be able to claim from your policy should you be involved in an accident caused by a badly maintained road, such as a road with a lot of potholes or uneven surfaces on it.  In a really bad scenario such as the car rolling because of an accident, it could also be covered by the policy.  Make sure when you take out the policy, whether such events will also be covered or not.
When you claim from your collision car insurance policy, they repairs of your vehicle should be fully covered in the claim.  In some cases you might need to also pay an excess amount and this should be determined beforehand.  Should your car be completely written off in a collision, the policy should also be able to cover the cost of replacing the vehicle.  You need to keep in mind however, that the amount of money you receive from the claim will be the current value of your car and not the amount that you actually paid for the car when you bought it.