Now this is a drag race we can get behind. Both cars have production capped at under 1000 units, and both cost well over 1 million dollars. It’s the battle of the hypercars, a Bugatti Veyron versus a Ferrari LaFerrari. While the Veyron has the LaFerrari beat when it comes to power, it also weighs a good 600kg more than the Ferrari which evens things out nicely. But there’s only one to see which one of these beasts comes out on top, and that’s to view the video below.

Hypercar heavyweights go head to head at Vmax 200 Stealth, the Ferrari LaFerrari and Bugatti Veyron! The Italian boasts 950hp, the Bug still has 1001hp but substantially more weight to it; with the slightly damp conditions the AWD helps substantially though.

At the speed traps set almost 2 miles down the runway, the LaFerrari reached 206mph, with the Veyron clocking in 214mph!

On a later run the Veyron also managed to make it to a top speed of 224mph when it had dried up more.