There is a great misconception that elderly drivers pose a greater risk on the roads than their younger counterparts. While the younger driver might have sharper reflexes, studies have found that the experience of the older driver means that they are better able to avoid and adapt to risks on the road and avoid accidents. In fact the greatest number of road fatalities occur amongst drivers within the age group of 30-39. Sadly, the price of car insurance premiums for the elderly does not reflect this, and a great number of senior citizens struggle to find affordable comprehensive insurance. However, while lot of research must be done and adjustments must be made, finding affordable insurance is not impossible for the older driver.
Like with any other age group, the insurance company will look at the overall risk profile of the client in order to calculate their monthly premium. This will include the model, make and age of the client’s car, its road worthiness, the client’s driving record, as well as the area in which the client operates. In many instances, one might be able to get a senior’s discount rate if one has been with the same insurance company for a number of years. However, it might be worth it to check online for better quotations. The advent of online insurance means that by disclosing all your particulars, including your age, you can receive a number of quotations in a matter of hours, without long telephone calls and hefty paperwork.
A good driving record can speak volumes, and insurers will always take into account the many years of driving experience and use this information to lower your premium. The installation of safety apparatus such as air bags, tracking devices, alarm systems, GPS navigation systems and alarms can also improve the price of your monthly premium. Pay-as-you-drive plans are also highly advantageous for those retired clients who don’t do a lot of travelling.
While the task of finding affordable car insurance for the elderly driver might prove to be somewhat tedious, the lucid, cautious and experienced driver has far more options than they might know of.