If you are in the market for car insurance, you will, as a responsible consumer, look for the best policy you can afford at the best monthly premium available. With the introduction of online car insurance aggregate sites, you are able to generate multiple car insurance quotations from many different car insurance companies, and you will only have to supply your details once.
Whether you are driving a low value, old car that is worth more to you and your lifestyle than it would be to a dealership or your insurer, or you are looking to insure a fleet of high cost cars for your business, you will need to cross compare car insurance quotations to ensure that you are getting the correct balance between benefits and a fair monthly premium. If you simply compare car insurance quotations based on monthly premium alone, it is highly likely that you will sign up for a policy which may have tighter exclusions, hidden costs, and higher excess charges in the event of an accident.
Nothing in this world is free, despite what many car insurance quotations may advertise. If there is a massive price difference between two car insurance quotations which are quoting for the same level of cover for example, third party only cover, it is highly likely that this is because the cheaper insurance quotation is due to a lower pre-determined amount payable in the event of third party driver or passenger injury or possibly a higher excess fee upon a third party car damage claim.
If you are looking for a more specialised car insurance solution, such as fleet insurance for 50 luxury cars for your elite taxi service, you may want to get car insurance quotations from a company that is familiar with the style of cover required, the volume of cars, and the fleet maintenance insurance needs. If you get car insurance quotations for your fleet and you wish to do something to lower your monthly premium, assessing the drivers of the cars may assist you in doing so. Many car insurance quotations are based on driver risk profile, if your drivers have been licensed for more than five years and are over the age of 25, this will lower the premium and excess in the policy.