About Us

Car Insurance For Company is a blog that covers everything and anything that has to do with car insurance. It is nothing new that the car insurance industry is huge. There are so many South African companies that have tapped into the car insurance market, offering their own products and insurance solutions. With so much on offer it can be difficult to pick out the right car insurance product for your needs. This is where we become your guiding tool to finding the perfect fit – it is out there, you just need the tools and know-how to find it and that is what we will show you.

There are many facets to car insurance. First of all, finding one that suits the make and model of your car is key is important. If you have invested a lot of money buying a quality car then you want to insure that the insurance company you have chosen to cover you, understands this as well. You also need to take other considerations into account when searching for the right policy. Do you go with fully comprehensive or only third party fire and theft? And what about added benefits such as emergency cover and the loan of a second vehicle when yours is in repairs? These are all situations you need to think about although many of us can be quick to dismiss them if they have not happened to us.
You need to be able to decide which extra benefits are worth including in your policy and which aren’t. This is important for a number of reasons; first so that you understand exactly what you are being covered for and secondly these extras can hike up your premium rate substantially so you want to make sure you want them in the first place. There are also insurance companies that tailor make their services specifically for women. What should you look for when searching for car insurance as a woman? How about as a young driver or pensioner? These age groups are notorious for having the highest premium rates. We cover all these areas and more! We can guarantee that our tips and tricks will help you stay within budget while getting the cover you need. So subscribe today and get your daily dose of how to become a savvy consumer for motor insurance.