Chana Auto is a Chinese automobile manufacturer known for ambitious and reliable vehicles. Despite the drop in motor vehicle sales around the world, Chana continues to produce affordable vehicles for the international market. Chana vehicles are preferred because they are cost-effective and easy to maintain. Chana SA Company is the operating center for the assembly of right-hand drive vehicles.
Chana Auto is a trusted brand that has been around for almost 150 years. The brand is ranked fourth amongst China’s top automobile manufacturers. In 2008 alone 860 000 Chana vehicles were sold internationally. The Chana range of cars includes low and middle class private and commercial vehicles and they are popular because of their low fuel consumption characteristics.
Motorists are urged to protect their Chana vehicle by getting adequate and affordable car insurance from a reputable insurance company. Chana vehicle owners can easily get and compare quotes from different insurers. The most popular ways to get insurance quotes is by phoning the insurers new business department or request an online car insurance quote on the insurer’s website. An insurance broker may be used to get and compare quotes on behalf of the client. There is no real value in using a broker to get cheap insurance because any discount is replaced by the broker’s fee and there is no real saving for the client.
Chana vehicles can be insured comprehensively whether they are used for private or commercial purposes. If a Chana manufactured car is financed by an authorized financial services provider such as a bank, it must be insured comprehensively. Vehicle owners, whose Chana vehicles are completely paid off, can choose to insure their vehicles for limited cover which only includes certain important benefits. Regardless of the type of insurance cover the vehicle owner selects, it is recommended that they only get quotes from insurance companies that have experience in processing motor vehicle claims and are dedicated to providing efficient customer service. Chana vehicles are a trusted brand and vehicle owners must choose an insurer that matches this quality.