It is very important to find out everything there is to know about car insurance excess before taking out an insurance policy from a car insurance company.  Have your broker explain every part of insurance excess to you in detail and make sure you understand it fully before you take out any insurance policy.
First of all you have to remember that car insurance excess means you have to pay an excess amount when you claim from your car insurance policy. This is a specified amount that you agree to when signing your insurance policy contract.  This specified amount is the amount of money that you would need to pay upfront if you get into an accident and you need to have your car fixed.
Some insurance companies do offer insurance plans where under certain conditions, excess payments do not apply.  You have to make sure that you understand the terms and conditions however, before agreeing to any insurance policy contract.
If you decide to up the amount of excess payable on a claim, you will pay less on your monthly insurance premium.  However, you need to be absolutely sure that you will be able to comfortably afford the excess amount should you need to claim from your insurance policy.  If you are not sure that you will be able to, you should rather pay a little more on your monthly insurance premium than get stuck with an excess amount you can’t afford.
When you claim from your insurance policy, you would have to pay the excess amount agreed upon, to the mechanic or garage that has undertaken to fix your car.  Then you would have to provide proof of this payment to your insurance company before they will cover the rest of the claim.  Should your car be written off you will not have to pay any excess amount as that particular amount agreed upon will be taken off the settlement claim money you will receive from your car insurance company.
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