New drivers are notorious for being the most expensive to insure and it is not difficult to see why. Our roads are becoming more congested it takes real skill to navigate traffic safely.
New drivers may well have to pay higher premiums than more experienced drivers, but there are a number of things you can look out for to help find more affordable premium quotes.
The first thing to consider when it comes to finding cheap car insurance for new drivers is to determine what type of car insurance would be best. As a general guideline there is:

  • liability insurance which is also called third party only insurance,
  • third party and theft insurance
  • and comprehensive insurance.

These three types of insurance policies can vary considerably between different insurance companies. Many allow you to customise your own insurance policy according to your needs. With this in mind, ask yourself how far you will be driving? Is the value of your car significant? If you are driving an old car with little market value, then you could consider taking out third party fire and theft insurance rather than comprehensive insurance to save on insurance costs.
Although comprehensive car insurance for new drivers is expensive, there are a number of ways to lower the quotes insurance companies will offer you. The type of car being driven is a big factor. Typically, more affordable standard models incur cheaper  insurance premiums. Make sure too that your car is outfitted with an approved alarm and immobilizer at the very least. As a new driver another way to gain favour with insurance companies is to complete an advanced driving course. This will not only encourage insurance companies to view you in a safer light, but will also make you a better driver whilst on the road. Get online quote.