Getting car insurance is really easy, but what happens when you have to claim? Many people assume that claiming is very difficult because the insurer simply does not want to pay out, but what they may not realise is that an insurer does have to cover their investment and will pay out if the claim is genuine and handled correctly.
In an accident situation, there are certain procedures you should follow if you want your claim to be processed quickly. The first procedure is that you will need to get all of the other person’s details, from the registration of their vehicle to their driver’s license number. Then, you will need to go to a police station and log an accident report. Whether the accident was your fault or not, this is important because if you do not have a case number, the insurer will not process your claim.
You will then need to contact your insurer and log the claim. They will ask you all of the particulars of the accident, including how it happened, who was involved, whether anyone was injured and so on. It is vital that you are completely honest with your insurer so that they can correctly process your claim and can adjust your risk profile.
Your vehicle will then need to be assessed and your insurer will most likely ask you to take the vehicle to an assessment centre in order for this to happen. The assessor will record the damage to your vehicle and will estimate how much the damage will cost to repair. If the damage is too expensive and outweighs the cost of the car, the car will be written off. If the damage is not too bad, the insurer will refer you to a repair centre.
Once the claim has been authorised, you will probably have to pay an excess amount before the car is repaired. This amount allows the repairer to go ahead with the repair and will usually depend on the type of insurance you have. Be sure to read your policy carefully, so that you know what you are covered for.