There are many available car insurance services but narrowing them down and sorting them out will insure you are covered in the best manner possible. Insurance services have many different faucets and factors that need to be taken into account before signing any insurance policy.
The first thing to do is make sure that you are getting the right insurance cover for how your car is being used. If you travel a lot in the course of your work then you might need more extensive and complicated cover that involves input form your employer. There is personal use car insurance and business use car insurance.
As you are the client looking for insurance it may be presumed that you are the primary or regular driver. However if you share or loan your car to your spouse, children or anyone else regularly then your insurance contract must cover other party drivers.
When you are looking to buy a new car it is good to start shopping around for insurance with the new model or make in mind. Some cars have built-in safety features that will reduce your premium. Cars are also rated according to a theft risk and a low risk vehicle will ensure your premium is low as well. The colour of a car affects visibility and popularity and can also bring down your premium. A new car must insured before the delivery date from the dealers.
A standard car insurance policy will cover the motor of your vehicle but would you want extra cover on the paintwork and tires this must be specified in the insurance contract. Accessories or additional features that do not come standard with the car or are not factory fitted must be stipulated for cover in the policy. This is for example mag rims, special exteriors, window tints and sound systems.
Check the fine print in your contract and make sure that excludes every eventuality that is unnecessary and covers your for every risk that you find important. South Africa has a wide range of available car insurance services so be concise and choose the best for you.