Cool isn’t it?

Technology never seize to amaze anyone. Anything created can be technologically advance to make life for people so much easier.

Such bakkie canopies are not created for essential use only, they are meant to be stylish and to make one look cool amongst other people or his/her peers.

following section will investigate the factors that make the canopies so different from the standard product you may find.

Aerodynamic design

Many of the leading canopy manufacturers have recognised that aerodynamic factors play a vital role in the stability of a vehicle, as such countless hours have been spent in wind tunnels to reduce the aerodynamic drag factor and cross section.

A reduced drag factor means less wind resistance saving the owner money on fuel. The reduced aerodynamic cross section improves the vehicles stability in various wind conditions.

Material used in manufacturing bakkie canopies

Originally canopies where only available in canvas with a light aluminium frame. This has changed with the availability of fibreglass. Fibreglass is unique in the sense that it may be combined with other material to improve longevity and rigidity. Some manufactures interlayer wire mesh to improve impact resistance and stiffness. This form of canopy is the most popular providing reasonable protection against wind and weather. The major drawback of fibreglass canopies is there vulnerability in UV radiation.

The newest innovation in canopy material is ABS plastic, having all the mechanical properties of fibreglass with added resistance against UV radiation. These canopies are manufactured in a one piece process, adding to the overall strength. These types of canopies are unfortunately also the most expensive.

Aluminium canopies are entirely manufactured by hand and can be customized to suite the owners own needs. For example some canopies have been converted to form sleepers, with the necessary space for storage of blankets. Again these canopies are very strong, impact resistant and are corrosion resistant.
The material used in the design of a canopy is not only dependent on personal taste but also dependent on use.

Canopies come in a variety of colors to complement a car, style and with different materials. Most bakkie owner prefer fiberglass canopies since this material is strong as versatile at the same time. Very few people realise how much thought goes into the design of bakkie canopies.

The design of a top quality, modern bakkie canopy is in actual fact a rather highly advanced discipline. Just like the evolution of the bakkie itself from its early functional and practical roots to the modern multi – purpose, highly stylized and aesthetically inspiring life style orientated vehicle that it has evolved into, the canopy has had to follow suit very closely.

In fact the evolution of the canopy has been hand in hand with the evolution of the bakkie itself. This seems to make perfect sense because as the bakkie has benefited from new build materials and design capabilities in manufacture, so the canopy has benefited from new materials and design technology.

Kango canopies are able to produce an astoundingly wide range of bakkie canopies to suit the needs of any and all bakkie owners as well as accommodating any bakkie size and dimension from the single cab bakkie variety to the bigger double cab variety to the very latest giant sized multi – utility sports, recreation and industrial application bakkies. Top tier canopies are made from ABS materials and can keep up with even the most demanding bakkie uses.

The design of these canopies includes aesthetics such as shape and form and colour and more practical aspects such as aerodynamics, increased load capacity and added functionality such as built in roof racks, space for a speaker housing, improved ventilation and so on, in other words, the canopy can turn a work horse bakkie into an adventure seeking, fun in the sun type of all – round vehicle. This will also remarkably increase the bakkies overall value in the resale or pre – owned bakkie and sports utility vehicle markets.

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