Generally insurance companies take great care into simplifying their claims procedures. Most of them will process your claim telephonically and within a relatively short time send through an accident accessor. If you are of legal driving age with a valid driver license and vehicle insurance policy you may claim for any incident covered under your policy agreement.
In all but a few cases if you take out a policy today and you have an accident the next day you will still be covered with the same benefits as if the event occurred in 12 months. The nominated driver or insured policy member may submit a claim regardless if they are at fault or not.
Note that specific procedures must be followed at the accident scene to make sure that you have a valid claim. Always make sure that the accident is recorded by the traffic department. You will also have to report the accident with 48 hours to the local police department. Make notes of vehicle registration number, identification and driver license of all parties involved. Never leave the seen if any person, driver or bystander has been injured.
Always use a towing service that has been approved by your insurer. Not doing so may make you liable for towing and storage fees.
In the event that the accident was caused by a third party you may make a claim against them. If they have insurance the claim will be handled by the relevant insurance companies. If they are not insured your insurance company will decide if any legal proceeding will take place to recover cost due to damages.
Submit your claim to your insurer without delay. It will take some time to process your claim. The longer you take the longer your vehicle will be in for repair. Your insurer may provide additional service which may include discounted vehicle hire.
Always adhere to your policy terms and conditions. Your claim may be rejected if you have contravened any of the conditions. A simple example may be that if you were involved in an accident not due to your fault but you where under the influence then your claim may be rejected.