1. Keep your driving record clean
One of the main things that hike up car insurance rates is the driver’s record on the road. If a person has more tickets than fingers and has a long record of accidents (whether or not s/he was responsible for them), the car insurance company realizes the risk that such an individual poses and levels up his/her insurance rates accordingly. So, to get the cheapest car insurance premium, keep the cleanest driving record.
2. Try to get all the cars in the household insured by the same company
Insurance companies generally offer a discount when a group of cars from the same household are insured with the same company. So this might also be worth looking into in order to get to the cheapest monthly car insurance premium.
3. Have as many safety features in the car as possible
Another aspect that car insurance companies look at when determining the rate of the insurance premium is the safety features of the car. It is, therefore, a wise choice to stock up as many safety systems as possible in order to reduce the car’s monthly insurance premiums. This is not the cheapest way to get to the cheapest monthly premium, however; it is very effective.
4. Increase your excess
The logic behind increasing this is based on the relationship between the motor car excess paid and the subsequent monthly premiums. The higher the motor excess is, the cheaper the monthly premiums. In this way, an individual can hike up their excess and then enjoy the benefits of cheap monthly insurance premiums. But, of course, this strategy is not for those who have e dreadful accident record or who damage their cars for fun as that will lead to paying excess close to the value of the car.
5. Ask for the special deals!
Take advantage of the many deals that the car insurance companies have for their clients. Such deals include discounts and policy purchase deals. These will drop down the total monthly premium by not much initially, but a whole lot in the bigger picture.
The above-mentioned are only 5 of the many ways in which one can guarantee him/herself the cheapest car insurance premium. They may not work for everyone, but they do work for many.